Excellent Innovative
high-quality galvanized wire

Innovative high-quality galvanized wire can be used to produce barbed wire that is strong, resistant to rust corrosion and has a longer service life. It also has a lead-free production process that causes various diseases such as cancer, etc., so it is safe for people, animals and the environment.

Prominent points

Product features


2.00 mm. – 6.00 mm.
or as customer requires

Zinc Coating

30 gsm - 300 gsm or as customer requires


Low Carbon, High Carbon, ZnAL

Coil Weight

50 kgs - 1 MT/Coil or as customer requires

Chain Link can be used for

Fencing around Homes

Home Decor Equipment

Equipment for Animals

It is used to protect against dangers from animals or intruders.

Chain Link is often used in home or garden decoration, such as creating separated areas or decorating walls inside the house.

Barbed wire can be utilized as equipment for animals, including animal pens, fencing, or structures for animal containment.